MGZ PrisonBreak Rules

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MGZ PrisonBreak Rules

Post by OTTO on Mon May 04, 2015 7:45 am

JailBreak Rules
1. Breaking rules will result in a slay/kick/ban.
2. Respect all players.
3. The CT TEAM can not exceed a 1:2 ratio with the Terrorist team.
4. ALL CTs must have a mic and MUST use it. (Any Player that joins CT and dosen't have a mic they will lose out on that round and the next round)
5. The Terrorist team must either listen to the CTs or rebel.
6. Cells must be opened before 8:00, failure to do so will result in a Free. [ If an admin say's so ]
7. Rules must be stated before the cells are opened, if not it will be a freeday.
8. The gun room is ALWAYS restricted. [ Beside War Day ]
9. A CT doesn't need to warn a Terrorist before killing them if they have rebelled. [ If a Prisoner has a gun, you CAN KILL THEM! ]
10. Rebelling consists of: attempting to hide, run away, attack/shove a CT resulting in fall damage , entering a restricted
area, or doing the exact opposite of a CT's command.
11. CTs must WITNESS a rebellion to act upon it.
12. Warning shots ARE allowed if the terriorist did something wrong like go to the place they weren't ordered to go to.
13. Freekillers shall be punished accordingly to the severity of the crime.
14. Those who are freekilled have the right to gain a freeday.
15. Shoving a team member to their death will result to a death. (except on days specified for it)
16. Giving a gun to a T so they would die will result to a kick. [ Gunplanting ]
17. A CT can not order a T to commit an act of rebellion, or an action that will kill them.
18. If a CT enters a cell, cage, pool, or any area t's are ordered kill without consequences.
19. CT's are not aloud to throw smoke grenades in cage. [It laggs some people]
20. Advertising will result to a ban.

21. Inappropriate sprays will result to a ban. [Review rule 47]
22. Ghosting will result in a kick/slay/quit out of game.[ Unless AFK ]
23. HLSS can only be used when requested or needed.
24. If one person is to complain, all uses of HLSS must be stopped IMMEDIATELY.
25. CTs can call for a RESTRICTED FREEDAY, restricting a room and a small area by it.[ Hallways are not to be RESTRICTED ]
26. CTs can only tell Ts to stay in their cells for a maximum of 20 seconds.[ Unless Cellday or Lockdown day ]
27. CTs can not command Ts once the restricted has commenced.
28. Once the clock reaches 0:00 all restricted freedays automatically become unrestricted.
29. A CT MUST play games once all the Ts are contained in a safe area.
30. Some games in play are, Simon Says, Last Reaction, Trivia, Race, Stack Race, Red&Green
Light, Survivor, Spray Contest, or Spelling.[ All game MUST BE announced, that game is being played ]
31. Any other games must be APPROVED by admins in the server.
32. The last T alive has the right to choose a LAST REQUEST.
33. Last request consists of: Gun Toss, Showdown, Knife Showdown, or Shot for Shot.
34. By reading all the rules you have gained the right to join the CT team.

35. Perm bans may only be active by Moderators.

36. BREAKING ANY OF THESE RULES WILL RESULT IN death, slay, quit, kick, ban, or other punishment.

37. When playing games "Simon Say's" Ct's may only use considable differences to trick T's.[ Example OTTO Say's Jump ]

38. Any and all other games CAN ONLY BE command by 1 person at a time AT any time you want someone else to command that game the person currently commanding it MUST state that person is now commanding it.

39. CT's May not camp gunroom at any given time, this includes entering and exiting constly, any ct doing so will be slayed without warning.

40. Cellday Lockdown and Cellday are ALLOWED TO BE PLAYED.[ If ct's call cellday/cellday lockdown, they cannot add any rules besides "if you get shoved out of cell you die"]

41. When Restricted freeday is called, in order for ct's to kill a T for entering that room THEIR FEET MUST BE ON THE GROUND, so if they're on an object THEY CAN NOT BE KILLED. A SHOVED T can Be killed! [Doesn't have to be stated]

42. T's and CT's Must not Spam their radios this will result in a SLAY(only)

43. If your mic is crap, and sounds crap, please fix this or lower volume so it dosen't kill everyones ears, and so they can hear you clearly.

45. No player is to get special treatment, including admins. Giving Special treatment will result in a slay or kick.

46. Again Freekilling/Freeshooting IS NOT ACCEPTED AT ALL. Breaking This rule will result in never being a CT again.(Unless it's truely An accident. This rule applies to const freekillers.)

47. Porn Sprays are ALOUD.

48. ADMINS fighting and constantly abusing their powers on one another, will have their admin suspended.

49. CellDay Lockdown CANNOT go past 5:00. If so, it will result in an unrestricted freeday for the rest of the round.

50. No DAY can be repeated MORE then twice.

51. Getting Ordered Takes Priority over all Games and Cellday lockdown.

52. Music cannot be played unless on a day where Ct's aren't saying commands. Ex = Freeday, Riot day, Jedi day, Ghost day, ETC.

53. When a CT tells someone to go to a location, they do not need to tell them to stay there.

54. Escaping on a first day free day through vents or any other location doesn't get you killed.

55. Rebeling on a Jedi day will get you Slayed, Kicked, and possibly banned if it's more than one offense.

56. When ordered on a celldaylockdown or no moving game to a location, the day/game will end.

57. You may not advertise other clans, websites, or servers besides ours. (wearing clan tags is alright, but spamming websites is not)

58. A CT may not go into the cell of a terriorist otherwise he can get attacked.

59. If your mic sucks, GTFO CT and if you don't know rules an admin is free to transfer you back to terriorist.

60. If a terriorist escapes from cells and opens them (without admin) then it's a freeday.

61. Only one ct is aloud to talk at a time, and no admin or CT should speak over them.

62. CT's must start a game inorder to play it, and end inorder to proceed onto something new.

63. CT's cannot drop weapons intentionally in the corners of the gunroom so a terriorist can't reach them.

64. If someone witnesses admin abuse and does not report it, they might be punished with a ban or removal of admin.

65. RECRUITING people from or in the MGZ servers is not aloud.

66. Admin is NOT aloud to be used on last requests.

67. On Zombie/Ghost days, CT's may not be in unreachable spots. Also, If CT's are in vents, T's can use grenades.

68. You may attack anyone in your knife range [Works for both teams] / [No moving+attacking at same time]

69. A CT can NOT intentionally throw away guns to a terriorist [Multiple offenses = BAN]

70. A CT can NOT intentionally suicide on a Last Request.

71. No jumping on trampoline on Ghost Day. Ghosts must slash only as well [No Stabbing or weapons]

72. You can only kill ONE terrorist per first/last reaction command [Unless multiple people don't follow the last reaction command]

73. You may not use "spraying" as a last reaction/first reaction

74.---ADMINS-- No using Noclip as an advantage to hiding on a Hide and Seek day.

75. CT's DO NOT have to repeat the day unless their mic is unclear. [CT's may not talk fast to avoid people from hearing them]

76. No Moving is not aloud to be called on Last Reaction.

77. Don't Call days unless you are a CT

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