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Post by OTTO on Thu Jul 11, 2013 4:39 pm

Now. I have seen alot! And I mean alot, of abuse reports this past week. Now.. None of them are going through. Why? Because either the proof is totally shitty/no proof at all or else there is not enough. So, how are we going to post abuse? Well I am here to help.

Have some background story on the video! No one just wants to see a video where somebody uses admin powers. OTTO,Fat And REMIX can't go around banning every single person who uses his admin, then there is no point of buying it.

Post proof for god's sake! If you don't have proof don't post at all! Nobody wants to see a whining thread, no proof= Not a single thing happens, and don't say to me "Well, how am I supposed to get proof when I don't have a recording program derp die derp" There is this little command in the console called: Record "Name of demo" then you can just put that up for download! It's not that hard!

Get enough proof! One single incident is not going to do anything at all! The person goes with a warning! If you really want them to get their admin taken away have atleast 4 or 5 recordings with abuse WITH BACKGROUND STORY (I can't explain how freaking important this is)

Don't post the videos in seperate threads! I have seen a lot of people do that and it's really annoying! Post all of the proof in the same thread, if you have posted 15 videos on your youtube account with one person abusing, post all the links in the same thread! It takes a lot of time out of someone's day to go to every single thread you have posted because you are too lazy! Nobody wants that.

So there we are, I hope somebody is going to follow this, and yes I am being kinda mean and childish but I am getting sickening tired of this. So have fun and I am out!

King Regardz,,

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